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Whole perspective of the North face of this building

Discussion in 'Video Games for Consoles' started by Mmoak2018, Sep 10, 2018.

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    Sep 10, 2018
    The first thing to notice is that the rain and fog -- it does not have any impact on gameplay since the majority of the activity in Siege happens inside, but it's moody and atmospheric. A couple of modifications into the outside allow attackers a few valuable sightlines to the building from outside, with R6 credits Shooting Range spawn now looking to offer whole perspective of the North face of this building.

    The monitoring ramp is a whole lot closer, also, so it won't only be operators such as Glaz who can provide overwatch. The West side of the building remains virtually untouched by the outside, together with the garage exactly where it had been previously, breachable surfaces and all.

    To make up for it, you will find a couple extra balconies and staircases on the exterior of the building for attackers to breach through.

    Inside you'll likely feel really lost. There are currently two staircases rather than one, so defenders can properly roam between floors and attackers are not as inclined to get postponed in these chokepoints. The best floor and basement are the largest departures from the original map, with all the top floor currently holding a tractor in one massive, open room, while the basement has been littered with small rooms, tight angles, and entrances. The top floor is totally chaotic to hold as a defender, due to the shortage of cover and amount of windows appearing, but attackers can readily be punished run-outs from the floor below. The basement will need a really strong hold from the ground above -- the incidence of destructible floors are the key to winning this site.

    Ubisoft skimmed through these during the Grim Sky reveal panel in the Six Major Paris, so here are the additional Grim Sky changes in case you missed them.

    An surprise map buff was made to among the very popular and competitive Rainbow Six Siege maps, Consulate. The modifications themselves are amazingly slight: a few exterior walls have been moved around to stop spawn peeking, a fourth bomb website news was inserted in Tellers/Archives, and the map has been prettied up with a few new textures. The bomb website is an intriguing addition, as Archives is traditionally the easiest website to hold on Secure Area, having to hold both Archives and also the considerably trickier Tellers ought to make this an extremely competitive bomb site.

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